We are currently investigating four locations around Denmark and close to Sweden and Germany.
We specialize in offshore platforms and focus mostly on locations with shallow waters and mild climate.
Missions can currently be planned for Spaceport North Sea. Let us know your requirements or ideas.

Spaceport North Sea
Esbjerg is a port city with long experience in off shore operations and platform maintainence. Spaceports distance to homes 50+ km.
Køge Bugt (Bay of Koege)
The Bay of Køge is located just 30 km south of Copenhagen and 20 km from Kastrup International Airport with a 10 km radius to homes.
Møn (Moen) / Trelleborg / Arkona
Møn / Trelleborg / Arkona is located between Møn (Denmark), Trelleborg (Sweden) and Arkona (Germany) with a radius to homes of apx. 30 km.
Hesselø Bugt
Hesselø Bugt east of Mols and north of Sealand. Distance to homes is apx. 30 km (2 houses on Hesselø excluded).