These are examples of areas we are helping teachers explore.

Name Description
History Human exploration, discoveries, politics, economics, human curiosity.
Transportation History of transportation, vehicles, ships, cars, trains.
Rockets History, materials, fuels, trajectories, calculation methods.
Materials Carbon fibre, steel, heat shields, melting points, production methods.
Fuels Chemical components, production methods, environmental concerns.
Noise Acoustical calculations, noise reduction, impact at ground level.
Physics Mass, g/G variables, trajectories, radiation.
IT Programming for space missions, hardware reliability, redundancy.
Electronics Materials, redundancy, modularity.
Liquids Valves, pumps, flow controllers, pressure.
Off Shore Construction Platform construction, currents, winds, materials, logistics, transporation, security.
Biology Humans in space, radiation, medicine, plants and crops in space.
Law Space law, international law, legal considerations, insurance.
Politics Security, military involvement, international collaboration.
Entrepreneurship Business cases, business development, market analysis.

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